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by on Jan.26, 2007, under 3d Modeling, Finished/Untextured

What was that reverse thrusters thing? I’m pretty much done modeling this. I might go tweak some things, but for the most part it’s done.

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by on Jan.22, 2007, under 3d Modeling, Work-in-progess

Hit the thrusters! Here is a quick update render of the viper. Still have lots of work to do.

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by on Jan.19, 2007, under 3d Modeling, Work-in-progess

Snakes on a spaceship? Here is something else I’m working on in my spare time. I’m following a tutorial to make this because I wanted to learn some new techniques. After making all those ships I have developed certain ways of doing things, with some techniques self taught. So I basically decided that I needed to see some different perspectives on modeling. I got several from the DAVE and developed several over time on my own, but just want to make sure I keep learning. Anyway, here is a render of my early effort:

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by on Jan.15, 2007, under 3d Modeling, Work-in-progess

Huff & Puff. Quick update…

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by on Jan.14, 2007, under 3d Modeling, Work-in-progess

Ships to Buildings? That’s tame. Here is something new. I started this a couple of days ago and I’m hoping to actually texture this one! 😉 I might start a couple more projects next week as well.

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King George V.03

by on Oct.25, 2006, under 3d Modeling, Finished/Untextured

Whoops. Forgot to post these final renders.

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King George V.02

by on Oct.19, 2006, under 3d Modeling, Work-in-progess

Further Construction.  Here are some more progress renders of the KGV.

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King George V.01

by on Oct.14, 2006, under 3d Modeling, Work-in-progess

Mo’ Ships…renders. Here is what I’ve been working on the last week or so.  I’m working off a plastic model; what I find interesting is that the model has extra details that pictures of the King George V that I’ve seen don’t have. I’m not sure what to make of that. Could be that at one point the KGV was refit and these details were added or removed. Not sure though, because I can’t find a single picture with some of these details.  At this point I can’t let stuff like that slow me down. Once I’m finished with the modeling I’ll revisit and decided if I want to make if jive better with the photos I’ve seen.

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by on Sep.04, 2006, under 3d Modeling, Finished/Untextured

Back to the shipyard. Here are some progress renders of a Casablanca Class escort carrier. This class of carrier was made somewhat famous during the Battle Off Samar in 1944, where a Task Force of these carriers came under fire from a Japanese Fleet. If interested you can read a great online book about the battle at www.bosamar.com.

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IJN Kongo.04

by on Aug.27, 2006, under 3d Modeling, Finished/Untextured

What? No Carriers? In various states of completeness here are the final renders of the IJN Kongo:

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