by on Oct.29, 2009, under 3d Modeling, Finished/Untextured, Work-in-progess

Sound of Music. So, ummm yeah, it’s been awhile. Which really means I’m rusty at this modeling stuff. Stuff happens, time passes, I get rusty, it’s the way of things. Anyway, to get back into some modeling I needed something easy’ish, so I made this Yamaha CGX101a.

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by on Jan.26, 2007, under 3d Modeling, Finished/Untextured

What was that reverse thrusters thing? I’m pretty much done modeling this. I might go tweak some things, but for the most part it’s done.

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King George V.03

by on Oct.25, 2006, under 3d Modeling, Finished/Untextured

Whoops. Forgot to post these final renders.

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by on Sep.04, 2006, under 3d Modeling, Finished/Untextured

Back to the shipyard. Here are some progress renders of a Casablanca Class escort carrier. This class of carrier was made somewhat famous during the Battle Off Samar in 1944, where a Task Force of these carriers came under fire from a Japanese Fleet. If interested you can read a great online book about the battle at www.bosamar.com.

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IJN Kongo.04

by on Aug.27, 2006, under 3d Modeling, Finished/Untextured

What? No Carriers? In various states of completeness here are the final renders of the IJN Kongo:

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by on Aug.18, 2006, under 3d Modeling, Finished/Untextured

What? No Battleships? Finished the Tone and Mogami class cruisers today. So far I’ve kept all these ships under 60k polygons, which makes them pretty low rez. Someday I’m going to make a 400k’ish+ ship, but right now low-poly is what’s called for. Here are a few renders:

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by on Jun.25, 2006, under 3d Modeling, Finished/Untextured

Ships, ships, everywhere. I’m just about done with these, here are some render updates:

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DD445 Fletcher.04

by on May.30, 2006, under 3d Modeling, Finished/Untextured

All hands on deck! Well, my Memorial Day weekend project is nearly done. Not too bad for 4-ish days of work. Since at some point I plan to make a Battleship this destroyer will fit in nicely to any future animations as a second ship. Perhaps together they’ll blow that Light Cruiser out of the water! 😉

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IJN Kuma.02

by on May.20, 2006, under 3d Modeling, Finished/Untextured

Ahead Two-Thirds! Here is an update to the Kuma model. I think I’m going to call this one done. My reference for this is so poor it’s really hard to make a good model. Based on what I had to look at this is an okay model, but if compared to the actual ship I would rank this piss-poor. It would be fine in a far-off background shot I guess, but certainly is unusable up close. Here’s a render:

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A Bike Tire

by on May.04, 2006, under 3d Modeling, Finished/Untextured

Does it roll? As an exercise I built this yesterday. I doubt I’ll do any more on it and have no current plans to build the bike it belongs to.

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